Friday, April 27, 2012

Oops! No, I don't!

Well, the struggle for domination continues over at Word Press.  So far, it has the upper hand.  I'm not giving up. 
Never, never give up.  (You must read this with an upper-crust proper British accent.)
I do have a new post up, and you just might want to head over there.  That is, if you like freebies...  Just saying'.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have a widget now!

It took some searching (Really, it did!), but I finally found a nice little subscribe widget for my new blog!  Like I said, it's a work in progress, as am I.  Please let me know if that works!  And a big thank you, too, for being patient with all the construction dust around here. 

And, if that weren't enough, I've figured out how to add a Fan Freebie Exclusive tab to my Facebook page.  So, if you are already a fan, you have instant access to a little token of appreciation from me. 
If you're not a fan yet, why are you still here???  "Like" me, 'cause I know you already do or you wouldn't be reading this, right?  And, then you will have access, too! 
 Thank you again, everyone! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Well, just when things are getting comfy...

...I go and add one more techy thing to my plate and mess things up!

A while back, I decided to change my blog platform to Word Press, and The Professor set up my site and then left to live his own life.  Imagine!  Humpf...

All on my own, wearing my big girl pants, I managed to figure out how to import all my old blogger posts to the new site, got the header changed, and wrote a new post last Friday.  There's more work to be done, but it's a start. 

Aaaand, that's where things came to a screeching halt.  See, I have no clue how to bring over my faithful followers to the new site!  It's on my list, but in the mean time, would you please go and visit my new digs and subscribe???  Pretty please?

It's lonely over there without you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Features: April 13 Edition

Every year in America, approximately 29,000 men will die because of prostate cancer.  My dear, sweet, husband, AKA as The Male 'round these parts, is a prostate cancer survivor, 5 1/2 years out now.  He recently participated in the Prostate Cancer Awareness Pony Express ride, founded to bring more awareness about the disease as the riders pass a book from one rider to the next, all across the country.  The Male rode with the founder from San Diego to San Pedro, to the local congresswoman's office.  The book is heading to Hawaii next. This photo is of him the day of the ride, signing his name with all the others in the book that's headed to the governor's office in every state. 

We've finished up Week 2 in My Life: My Faith, and oh, what a blessing this has been to me!  I lOVE reading the journaling from the class participants and have been so encouraged in my own walk of faith.  As I've made my own pages along with the class, it's been wonderful to reflect back on where I used to be and how faithful God has been.

I have a new product up in the shoppe (There's a great new look to the site, too!), Words of: Honey.
This collection is full of those Scriptures that speak about either God's Word or our words being sweet like honey. 
It might be a great companion to these templates:

Here are your Friday Features:

  • How to see light better, with an egg.  Understanding light and shadows will make you a better scrapbooker, too.

  • I've probably mentioned this before, but I heartily recommend Understanding Exposure.  I need to re-read this book myself. 

  • Shutterfly has their 12x12 books 50% off with this coupon code, until April 18: 6VR5-E410-A461-0PE2HZ
And, I have a bonus Tip of the Week, too.  This past Easter, we were celebrating with The Professor, The Mama, and their wee ones, and of course I was taking pictures all day.  Or thought I was...
That evening, I sat down at my computer, and what did I see laying on the desk?  Yep.  My SD card.
After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, my dear friend, The Pastor's Wife, told me that I could lock my camera so it won't let you shoot without a card in!
So, my friends, check your menu and lock your camera!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Features: Good Friday Edition

My new class My Life: My Faith has just finished up the first week, and oh, my...  I am loving reading what the attendees have written about their faith. I am making my layouts right along with them, and I am finding that the more I write, the more I want to write, and the more I have to write about!  It's bringing back wonderful memories, and some painful ones, but it's helping me to see where God has been working in my life.

I have cut off registration for this live class, but  when class is finished, I'll be packaging it up for a self-paced workshop with PDF lessons and prompts.  So, if you couldn't join in this time around, watch for an announcement for the self-paced version. 

Here are my layouts so far:

All these have been done using the class kit.  I'm still working on today's page.

I have a new template pack up in the store (and it, too, will be on sale this weekend for 30% off), Template Pack, Vol. 8: Honeycomb:

This was a really fun set to make and I can't wait for some scrapping time to use it myself!

For Friday Features:
  • I have greatly benefited from read Francis Chan's writings in the past.  Right now, eChristian Books has all his works for free, but you need to act fast. At amazon, the Kindle version of Forgotten God is also free.

  • I'm participating in the goDigitalScrapbooking store-wide Easter sale beginning tonight: 30% off. The sale lasts through Monday

The cross is not a nebulous, indefinable symbol of self-giving love; on the contrary, the cross is the monumental display of how God can be just and still pardon guilty sinners. At the cross, God, having imputed the sins of His people to Christ, pronounces judgment upon His Son as the representative of His people. There on the cross God pours out the vials of His wrath unmixed with mercy until His Son cries out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Psalm 22:1; Matthew 27:46).

Albert N. Martin

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Features; March 30th Edition

Hello, friends!
I am all better, thankfully!  Whew...  I was *this close* to going to the doctor's, but on the 8th day, I finally started to feel well again.  But, it put me back, and I am scrambling to catch up on my to-do list.

I have only one new product this week, Dotted Doodles.  I really enjoyed making these and think they will make fun accents for your layouts. 

 I've also made up a bundle of my Easter products, 5 in all, for only $5.00.  It will be on sale through Easter.

Registration for My Life: My Faith will close on Monday.  If you are planning on taking the class, now's the time to sign up. 

Now, on to your Friday Features:

  • Here's a post on how to transfer your photographs to wood.  I'd really love to try this. 
  • Here's a quick article that's very helpful: 10 Common Photography Mistakes.
  • Here's a post about the new features in CS6.  I've downloaded the free beta version, but have yet to unzip it!  (See first paragraph!)
  • You can get a free 11x14 print, not including shipping, from Shutterfly with this code:KFK6-2ERF-B717-6TS94M. 
  • Here's another great deal for a little book from Artscow.   For only $4.99, and free shipping, you can get a little 5x7.  I recently made storybooks for my grandchildren from Artscow and I'm very pleased with the quality.  I think a little book about a Hello Kitty party would be fun.
 And, now, I'm about to enjoy an afternoon of sewing with some friends from church.  Until next time...

Satan watches for those vessels that sail without a convoy.

George Swinnock

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Features; March 23rd Edition

I got home from Virginia on Tuesday, and I have been very much under the weather ever since.  Today is looking up, however, as I actually got a shower.  :-/
My trip was SO much fun: birthday parties, snuggles, stories, watching the stars come out, just being with my dear girls.  I am exceedingly thankful for the ability to hop on a flight and go all the way across this huge country of ours to see them.

And, I am ever so grateful that I was able, once again,to meet in the flesh a cyber-space friend.  I met up with Lisa, AKA SparkysGirl in the GDS forum, in Charlottesville.  We had a chai tea and a delightful chat while my daughter shopped at a nearby children's outlet.  Lisa and I had so much in common, it was like chatting with a long-time friend.  The time flew by much too quickly...

I have only two Friday Features for you today:

  • I love this article by Pam, of Doorposts.  Good wisdom for all of us. 

Since I missed my regularly scheduled Tuesday Tutorial, I have a quick little tip for you today on how to batch process files.  I take iPhone photos (like the one above) quite often and then email them to myself.  I had been opening and saving them one-by-one, which can be rather tedious.  Then, I learned how to download and open a bunch and save them in one fell swoop.  Yay!

And, just a reminder: my faithbooking class, My Life: My Faith will begin on April 2. I'd love to have you join in!